Don’t Tell Anyone!

With the flowers of Spring,
A baby girl was born;
With no sweets and celebration,
Everyone seemed forlorn.

Devoid of any son,
They said,
“Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone!”

Out-shined in the class,
With no match to any other;
It was a little happiness,
For only herself and her mother.

Her pride eclipsed their Sun,
They whispered,
“Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone!”

With deadlines and cookery books,
She juggled between every chore;
Yet couldn’t make them happy,
Who only expected more and more.

With expectations a ton,
They decided,
“Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone!”

Cutting her colorful feathers,
They painted her world gray;
Without her consent,
They quickly married her away.

All their duties said and done,
Still they sighed,
“Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone!”

New world of responsibilities,
The burden on her shoulders weigh;
For her own dreams and happiness,
She had a price to pay.

To her, a listener was none,
Only told her,
“Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone!”

Between dreams and gender roles,
Her life was just their toy;
Caring least for her little angel,
They only wished a baby boy.

None to hold a grandson,
They again said,
“Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone!”

© Inking Expressions
30th September, 2017

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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