War And Pieces #BarAThon

She stood there in front of the television, listening to latest news that streamed in straight to her new home. She could not calm herself with the glass of water her mother-in-law brought in for her. Both the faces said the same story and hearts sent out the same prayer. Like many others who kept track of the news wished the same, the victory for their country.

Though the prayers were answered in their favour a few days ago yet she sat there alone in the dining room with all the dishes kept at the table. None of her neighbours have turned in today, the festival which they always loved to celebrate together. With her husband away, it was proving difficult for the duo to live there all by themselves, especially after the day which she couldn’t decide was fortunate or unfortunate. Neighbours have backtracked their steps of friendship that had been seen in the former days. It wasn’t easy to live in different country and still support your own. She might share the religion with them but she would never be one of them.

It didn’t matter if it was just a game between two countries over a cricket pitch because it could never be just a match for them, it would be nothing less than a war. She wondered whatever be the war, whether won or lost, it still left the world in pieces.


PROMPT- War And Pieces
THEME- Seven

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