The (O)ther One #AtoZChallenge

It had been a long and tiring day for both of them. He had back to back meetings while she was busy with her new clientele’s wedding planning. So by the time, she has finalized the color code for the wedding and had taken a cab home, he had already had dinner and made his way to his bedroom. It was another hour later that she reached home. Quietly letting herself in, she picked up the food that had been waiting for her on the table and kept it in the refrigerator. Quickly she changed her clothes, she snuggled next to him and hugged him before drifting into deep sleep.
This has become quite a routine now. Days passed by, but he never complained even once. But even sometimes wondered how long can he be patient. Their Seventh Wedding Anniversary was due next week, but he noticed no enthusiasm in her regarding it like it used to be every year. Is something really wrong, or am I just imagining things, he wondered, or is seven-year-itch really a truth?
“Sorry! Sorry I’m a little late! These client meetings you know.. was held up… yeah, just reaching in 10 minutes”, she said before disconnecting. She checked her reflection in the mirror. She looked ravishing in her navy blue lace dress. Who would say I’m seven-years married now, she blushed at her own thought.
“Honey,I’m so sorry, I kept you waiting for so long!” she whispered as she hugged him at the first sight in the restaurant.
He smiled as he pulled out the chair for her.
Few minutes later into their conversation she suddenly remembered something important.
“Just a minute”, she said picking up her phone and she started typing something with a twisted face.
“What happened?”
She hit the send and turned around the phone to show him the text she had just sent out to her husband, I’ll be late. Don’t wait for me at the dinner. Love. 

There is no one who hadn’t known love. We all have been touched by it at some point or the other. So this April I will take you through the little snippets of love that will warm your heart, touch your soul and might moist your eyes. Stay tuned and watch love unfold daily in new ways.

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