Shades Of Rainbow

Amidst the clouds,
A rainbow i saw;
Full of perfect serenity,
Seven colors could draw.

Red filled my heart,
With deep passion;
Orange gave my life,
A joyful mission.

Sunshine as bright as yellow,
Spreading rays of hope;
Green will fill it with life,
When it gets harder to cope.

With uncertainty looming ahead,
Blue will bring me peace;
Just like mystical Indigo,
My Restlessness will cease.

Violet brightens my soul,
Beaming with royal pride;
Balancing both sadness and joy,
Whatever may join my stride.

Amidst the clouds,
A rainbow i saw;
Perfect piece of beauty,
Devoid of any flaw.

(Word Count- 100)

All we need is a Rainbow in our Lives!!

I came across this Word of the year concept on many blogs. So here’s my word- Rainbow. Just like the colors of rainbow, life is full of shades of feelings and hence I choose the word RAINBOWΒ and promise myself whatever be the situation in life, i will fill it bright and beautiful colors of Rainbow! πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh man, such a beautiful poem. So full of thoughtful emotion, of intention. If your intentions and feelings are like this through the year, I’m sure you will represent the rainbow all around! πŸ™‚

    Stopping by from Alphabet Salad!

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