Do you feel it too?

People say, he/she is lucky one who is balanced throughout the life.
But I’m not. Am I alone to feel it?

One moment you can’t  stop laughing and then the next moment a sudden sadness takes over, and you wonder why?
Sometimes you are happy without reason and other times even the biggest reason can’t make you smile.
The things that don’t matter at times, hurt us the other times.
We move on but the past keeps coming back to haunt us.
The world so beautiful at sunrise, why seems to be lonely at night?

Do you feel it too?

This post is written in response to the Write Tribe’s prompt for 100 Words on Saturday- She/He is the lucky one.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


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  1. It’s perfectly normal to go through life with ups and downs and sometimes, for no reason whatsoever. I think we have been taught all our lives that we need to be ‘balanced’ and ‘happy’ but it just sets us up for unhappiness because then, we don’t accept the suffering and the down times. And yes, I have several moments of this…I feel it too. Hugs!

      • I read somewhere that it is very tough to be strong all the time, especially when people expect you to be that way. Can we let our mask slip, for a second? This is so very true!

        • If we happen to slip the mask even for a second, there is a chance people might take advantage! so no other option left other than being strong, no matter how hard it gets!

  2. “The world so beautiful at sunrise, why seems to be lonely at night?” An age old question – I think watching a full sunrise and sunset helps to make sense of it I hope your past stops haunting you and it just becomes a place you once were. All the best for #atozchallenge

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