The Veil Of Night

September 9, 2017 Nibhz 11

The night was dark, Wind blew in silence; Sleep walking into dreams, Awake only heard the dogs bark. Falling of the China bowl Broke the Read More

Dear Younger Self

August 27, 2017 Nibhz 12

My dear Younger self With you I have something to share, Now is the time When you’ll feel That world isn’t fair. Though there are Read More

The Knock

August 23, 2016 Nibhz 17

In her little world she lived Alone on a path she walked, Keeping it to herself To a select few she talked. <Unaware of the despair Read More

No Image

A New Journey

August 30, 2015 Nibhz 5

With dreams in my eyes, And the luggage strolling by the side; I walked out of home, To explore the world so wide. And hence Read More

Where Art Thou?

August 2, 2015 Nibhz 16

In the darkness of night, I looked for you here and there… But you were hidden beyond my sight, And I couldn’t find you anywhere. Read More


April 24, 2015 Nibhz 7

She was told to play only with the toys, Outdoor games were meant only for the boys, Wearing shoes, By the door she stood… Uninvited. Read More

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