Jubilant #AtoZChallenge

She walked swiftly making her way through the swarm of people heading towards different directions and destinations. Almost running past through the security she almost hit a stranger. Shooting angry glances at him and mumbling something under her breath she picked up the stuff that had fallen off her hands.
She resumed her struggle and continued to make her way through the crowd. She sprinted and then skipped a few steps of the stairs, jumping off the two at a time. Her bag that swayed around her waist kept hitting the people as she dashed forward.
“Excuse me!” “Excuse me!” She kept shouting under her breath, barely audible under the noise. Every bit of noise irritated her now. She had already been running late and Murphy’s Law only made it worse every second.
And after continuous scurry of last fifteen minutes, she made her final dash and just managed to board the metro before the doors were shut.
Phew! She finally breathed some relief.
Catching a metro just before the door closes is no more than an achievement, she thought, feeling jubilant.

Happiness is more than just a word. As we grow old we often forget to take notice of little moments of joy and feel bliss out of random things. Here’s an attempt to find something hidden in the little corners of heart… 💕
Let’s make this world a happier place, with one story at a time!

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