Delirium #AtoZChallenge

The sound of metals clinking was making him nervous. Clink and clanks of the buckles followed one after the other. His heart was beating faster than ever, as if it will soon jump out of his body. He could hear the people shouting and even crying and it only added to his jittery.
One step at a time, he kept walking the queue. The screams becoming louder, the heart racing faster. Did I make the right decision, he asked himself. His heart partially trying to walk him out of this. But isn’t this what have been on your bucket list since so long, spoke the ever-rational mind. But it isn’t easy on the person whose head and heart are on a fight.
Next!! shouted the man at him only to make him realise that it was his turn now. He was numb by now. But he knew he couldn’t step back now. He walk a step and took the place that was directed to him. Two teenage boys clinked the metal buckles to the belt on his torso and latched the belt tightly. They pulled the strings to test the strength of the lock.
Close your eyes when you jump if you are scared. Which you are obviously! Jeered the man with a grin on his face.
He closed his eyes but his legs refused to jump. He felt stupid. He felt a push at his back and toppled over the edge. A scream escaped his mouth and the air pierced his lungs. A few seconds later he risked opening his eyes and the experience blew away his mind. The fear receded and the deliroum took over. The bird eye view of the mountains with the waterfall here and a river there made him feel alive like never before. Those few moments before he was brought back to safety he felt like a total different person.
As he unlatched the metal belts from his torso, he felt the broad smile on his face.
Bunglee Jumping. Check. He said to himself.

Happiness is more than just a word. As we grow old we often forget to take notice of little moments of joy and feel bliss out of random things. Here’s an attempt to find something hidden in the little corners of heart… 💕
Let’s make this world a happier place, with one story at a time!

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  1. Hahaha! Bungee jumping!!
    it’s one thing I haven’t been able to even imagine myself doing, at least in this life! But, I know so many who have put it up on their bucket list!
    Good for your hero, and also good for all those who have the courage to do the impossible!

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