Suns And Lovers #BarAThon

“What are you looking at son?”
“Nothing Grandpa! It’s just the solar eclipse. I have never witnessed one.”
“Oh!It’s when the poor Sun gets under the shadow of the Moon, right?”
“But the Sun is almost always overshadowed by the virtues of the beloved Moon”, he said with a faraway look in his eyes.
“I didn’t understand what you said”, the boy asked surprised.
“Almost every other story is based on the virtues of the Moon”, spoke the grandfather, “It is often cited in the prose and the poetry of love , sadness and often loneliness but you rarely see the Sun having a place there.”
“Agreed, poor Sun!”
“Do you know what I had said to Grandma when we took our vows?”
“Nope! What had you said?”
“I told her I might not be the moon to her darkest of times but I’ll be always be the Sun of your gloomy days. I’ll be there always, just like the Sun is, even if she can’t see me. May be hiding behind the clouds or sleeping in the darkness, I’ll always be there! Even when the obstacles eclipse our happiness, I will outshine”
“Wow! That’s so thoughtful of you! I didn’t know you had a romantic side Grandpa!”
Grandpa just smiled thinking of the times of long gone by.


PROMPT- Suns and Lovers
THEME- Seven

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