Lord Of Files #BarAThon

“Ms Skatsy, Get me those files of the latest updates on the merger deal right now in the office”, his sharp voice pierced the intercom and shook Ms Skatsy out of her afternoon reverie.
“Mr. Rolland, It’s been two days that I asked you for the papers of the next month’s agenda. When am I going to get it? I want them by the End of the Day!”, his order made Mr. Rolland pack up his lunch when he had just taken a bite.
One after the other, he shouted orders from his office. Nobody really want to see him for they knew if he spotted them they would find themselves between those printed pages of the files like he himself was lost between them.
“Did you get those files?” asked Rolland to his fellow co-worker.
“Yes in the morning itself but give it to him until before I leave for the day!”
“But why?’
“He doesn’t have a life but I do. I don’t want stay back just so he gives me another file to complete”, smirked John.
“What you guys discussing without me?” asked Skatsy as she entered the cafeteria to get herself a coffee and a little break from the world of the black and white words.
“You guys can go on, I’m not his favourite”, she giggled as she winked at them and all three of the burst into laughter.

He saw them gossiping from the window of his cabin, from in between the blinds and he knew it was about him. He turned around and saw the mountain of files on his desk. Lord of files, is what she used to call him and he was proving himself to be one only to drown him. A sad smile reached his lips as he found the answers for another sleepless night without her.


PROMPT- Lord Of Files
THEME- Seven

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