Of Ice And Men #BarAThon


“I got this for you! See? You like it?” she chirped.
“Hmm.. it’s good!”
“Anyway, I got this for you”, she pulled out the next gift from the bag.
“It’s okay”, he replied.
“Huh!! You two are the same! I hate you both!”, she was irritated by now.
“Dad! I got this for you!” she hoped for some recognition of this time but met with the same cold response.
“This wasn’t necessary you know”, and he got back to reading his newspaper.
She got up with the last gift in her hands and walked upto the only person she could understand in this house.
“Mom, this is yours”, and her mother hugged her with the tears of pride in her eyes.
She gently whispered in her eyes, “Mom, what’s with the men of this family. They didn’t even bother to show any enthusiasm! I came back home after a year and their hearts are still hard as ice!”
“Just wait for a while, your love will melt their hearts just like the warmth melts the ice”, he mom whispered back and dragged her to the kitchen to give her favourite icecream.


PROMPT- Of Ice and Men
THEME- Seven

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