Life Of Pie #BarAThon

The bell rung thrice shouting impatience of the person behind the door. She ran out from her bedroom to open the door for him. Just by the impatience she knew who it would be.


“Oh no! It’s him!”
“What happened?”
“I don’t like him.”
“But why?”
“You like his mom, don’t you?”
“oh! She is lovely! She is so sweet! She takes care of me all the time”
“Then? What makes you hate him?”
“You’ll know it soon!”


“Wow mom!”
“Yes, sweetheart! It’s all for you!”
“Where’s the knife?”
“Here it is”.
She gave him the knife and he came out of the kitchen with greedy eyes.


“See! Here he comes with the knife! And so does the end of my life.”
“Oh no! Will he kill me too?”
“No, it’s only my death I foresee! Goodbye Fudge! Life of Pie comes to an end!”


And moments later, he cut his favourite apple pie into pieces and gobbled them one after the other!


PROMPT- Fault In Our Stars
THEME- Seven

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  1. Haha so that is how food considers us. The cooks, chefs and bakers are the lovely people and the rest are the butchers. Good take on the prompt! 😀

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