(J)ar Of Cookies #AtoZChallenge

Exhausted after the meetings and continued presentations since the beginning of the day, Trisha finally sighed a breath of relief. She took a moment to close her eyes and take a few deep breaths. Hardly a minute  had gone by when her colleague interrupted her moment of peace.
“Hey Trisha!”
“Huh? ” She said, opening her eyes and turning to face him but not wanting a long conversation.
“You regular weekly parcel arrived¬†while you were in the meeting”, he said taking the empty seat next to her, putting the sealed parcel at the desk in front of her.
Trisha made no attempt to see what it was or from whom it was. She already knew it. She even hid the smile which had already reached her eyes at the sight of the parcel. But her colleague still stuck around hoping to catch some insight about the parcel or some juicy gossip inside it.
He picked up and tried finding the address but couldn’t find any. After ten minutes of useless gossip, he finally left and that same moment she snatched opened the parcel couldn’t able to wait any longer. A smile now finally visible on her face. She quickly read the note attached with it and smiled some more.
Her attention now focused on the unwrapped parcel in front of. She quickly opened the new jar of cookies and ate the freshly baked chocolate cookies, her favourite ever since. She put the rest of the jar in the drawer adjacent to her seat. This was one thing she could never share. She couldn’t even tolerate anyone eyeing them, let alone have a piece of them.
Getting back to work while smiling to herself, she picked up the note and read it again,
I hope now this taste matches with the one from your favourite bakery. Lots of love Ma.

There is no one who hadn’t known love. We all have been touched by it at some point or the other. So this April I will take you through the little snippets of love that will warm your heart, touch your soul and might moist your eyes. Stay tuned and watch love unfold daily in new ways.

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  1. Aww! So sweet and so touching. This reminded me of the times when mom used to send laddos and mathris with anyone who was coming to Bikaner where I did my MBA. There’s something so wonderful about receiving goodies from mom. Why, just yesterday, she sent 2 bottles of aam ka achaar.
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