She fumbled on the phone irritably while searching for the keys. Unable to find the keys in her huge handbag single-handedly only added to her frustration. Day had started on a bad note and ended on even worse one. Nothing came to her rescue. All Tia wanted now was the comfort of darkness. Five minutes later, she finally managed to open the door. Throwing her bag on the couch in the living room, she straight headed to her room. She went to sit by the window hugging her teddy tight. Tears and fears finally found their escape now the curtains of the real world were down.

Quite sometime had gone when the doorbell rung. She hadn’t moved an inch since then. She kept staring at the moving world outside. Her thoughts moving at the speed faster than those of the cars running on the road outside her window. The door bell rung again but she didn’t bulge. Finally her roommate barged into the room switching on the lights, taking away her darkness. In an instant Sheena knew that Tia was feeling low today. The clock showed 9pm. She went to the kitchen, warmed the food and brought back two plates full, one for herself and another for Tia.

“I’m starving. Come Tia let’s eat”, she said trying to bring Tia back to this world.

“You continue. I’ll have it later. I’m not hungry now”, Tia replied without even looking at her roommate.

“Please. I know you haven’t eaten anything. See it’s your favourite. I had told the cook to make your favourite dishes”, she trying encouraging her to eat.

“Whatever. Please don’t force me. I’ll eat when I’ll feel like”, Tia’s tone getting harsher every second.

Sheena knew Tia well, she knew nothing could make her feel better other than their I-ritual. She kept her plate aside and dragged Tia out of the room and then out of the house.  Tia wasn’t given a moment to resist. Tia, probably knew where she was being taken to. Sheena hailed an auto, and soon they reached their destination.

As they seated in their regular corner table, Sheena ordered the usual chocolate sundae. Few minutes later the icecream arrived. As Tia digged into the icecream, Sheena smiled and asked, “so? feels better?”

Tia looked up and smiled and then winked, ” Has to!” and then both of them started laughing.

“I love you so much! I don’t know what would I do without a roommate like you”, chirped Tia, as she returned to the normal self with one bite of icecream at a time.

“I know I am that lovable”, Sheena replied, “I love you too! Now out with it, tell me what happened.”

Few minutes later, they walked back home as Tia continued to rant out her frustration about the work politics that had been eating her.

There is no one who hadn’t known love. We all have been touched by it at some point or the other. So this April I will take you through the little snippets of love that will warm your heart, touch your soul and might moist your eyes. Stay tuned and watch love unfold daily in new ways.

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