Tamasha : Reflection Of Real Life

Have you ever felt that you don’t fit in with the crowd? Like you are different from what this society expects you to be? Are your dreams different from what you are told since your childhood? I can’t say about you but my answers are positive about these questions. I don’t belong where I am. These were some of the thoughts that were in my mind a few months back. My head was so full of thoughts that I needed an escape out of my own brain, and what better than a movie with which you can relate. As I read the synopsis of the movie Tamasha, I knew this is a must watch.

Here you can read it too:

Directed by the luminous Imtiaz Ali, the Deepika Padukone & Ranbir Kapoor starrer, Tamasha is a movie about the journey of someone who has lost his edge trying to behave according to socially acceptable conventions. It is based on the central theme of abrasion and loss of self that happens as one attempts to fit in society.

Whole movie moved me so much that I knew for now, that I’m not alone in the fight of my dreams. There are many more people struggling in their day to day schedule to live a ‘normal‘ life. But we don’t know that being different is very much normal too!

Here are a few reasons you should watch this movie too.

tamasha music

1. A monotonous 9 to 5 Job isn’t what makes your heart beat a little faster.

The film follows the simple concept that we all are very much aware of. The concept which very boldly says that we are different in our dreams and aspirations, that falling in line with our society’s norms is suffocating our own conscience.  Ranbir Kapoor plays the character of Ved who portrays an inner fight between acceptance of societal norms and pursuing one’s passion.

2. You want to see what Travel can do to you.

Most of us want to go out in the world and travel the world. Letting out our real selves from the prison of the society and exploring not only the world but also ourselves. Tamasha shows it how a change in a place can bring about change in your life. The exotic locations of Corsica, Tokyo, Delhi, Shimla and Kolkata blends into the movie beautifully and makes enjoyable.

travel tamasha

3. The play of emotions.

The movie will hit you direct where it hurts the most, your heart. It will stir your soul and make you restless. It will make you want to break all the shackles and fly free. It perfectly showcases those emotions which we discreetly fight to hide from the world.

4. To meet Don and Mona 

Deepika and Mona bring the characters of Don and Mona alive in the most lively way. The bohemian, starry eyed – Don is a treat to the audience and the fashionable Mona Darling is no less. Together, they set out to explore the picturesque French island with their own set of terms and conditions applied. In short, they define a new level of being crazy, being yourself.donandmona

5. Perfect Concoction of Music

Oscar winning composer A R Rahman curated music adds a new dimension to the movie all together. The soulful lyrics of Irshad Kamil are something you are bound to keep humming for the rest of the day.

6. Amazing team – Imtiaz Ali, Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

Everybody loves the sizzling chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepike Padukone. Add to it, the brilliant direction of Imtiaz Ali and you know that movie do have something to watch for. This one is no different. You will definitely fall in love with Deepika Padukone all over again and the Ranbir has undoubtedly delivered a very good performance.

tamasha team

So what are you waiting for? Go get your chores done before Sunday evening and then grab your popcorn to watch:

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