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As we move forward with the second day of Write Tribe Festival of Words, we are required to showcase our favourite blogs.
Yes, its all about spreading love. Isn’t it?

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

When I joined blogosphere I never thought I would receive so much love from the fellow bloggers and especially the write tribe community. So this challenge seemed most appropriate to reciprocate this love.

When I read the challenge it seemed easy and I started counting the blogs I love. But, Alas, I read the challenge again later and found it was to showcase the blog that aren’t participating in the FOW.. well, its quite a challenge now! As whole day went into figuring out the blogs to showcase. I did manage to find some in my list!

Once in a while, it so happens that you stumble upon something and you instantly fall for it! Same happens here in our blogosphere! We fall in love with the blogs. We don’t know anyone personally but the day feels incomplete without reading their blogs. Their views are a source of inspiration as well as valued criticism.

Without much blabbering, let me tell you something about my favorite blogs in my reading list!


Afshan, the software engineer by profession, pours out her thoughts in “The Pen-sive“. Her writings are thoughtful and sensitive, something that anyone can easily relate to.
My favorite on her blog is the poem “I write“. It was an instant connect and I felt Bingo! I do it too!
And when recently I read her post, “When I think loud“, I couldn’t stop nodding in agreement at the end of each sentence. It was like my feelings and her words! So you know why I love it!

Namarata blogs at “Memoirs of Me“, where fiction meets reality. Here, she writes about little things like love, life, laughter, happiness, friends,etc; which makes our life beautiful. These things not only touch our lives but also our soul.
Her short fiction in Metro Diaries, is my personal favorite of the blog. Her stories are short, sweet and beautiful. I just love reading them.

50 Shades of Me is another blog I love a lot. Writing poems is always been a hobby to me but seeing someone else describing everything through poems is a real treat in itself. Her poems are about life, love, growing up and other things in life which always inspires the reader. It’s hard to pick any one of them because I just love them all!

The list may not but this post has to! If I continue to mention every blog I love, this might take up my whole day! So, I force myself to stop here but I will be back to shower some more love to my favorite blogs! Till then, Loads of Love.


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